Іс-әрекет жалғастырушы инфинитив


Инфинитивтің көптеген функциялары арасында инфинитивтің іс-әрекет жалғастырушы пысықтауыш функциясын атап өткен жөн. Бұл созылмалы немесе іс-әрекет жалғастырушы инфинитив деп аталады. Бұл функциядағы инфинитив жалғасатын іс-әрекеттерді білдіретін сөйлемдерде қолданылады. Мысалы: I woke up one morning to find myself famous – Мен тамаша бір таңда оянып, өзімнің танымал екендігімді анықтадым. Бұл аударманы дұрыс түсіну үшін ағылшын сөйлемінде бірқатар өзгерістерді енгізу қажет. Мысалы: I woke up one morning and found that I was famous — Мен тамаша бір таңда оянып, өзімнің танымал екендігімді анықтадым.

Практикалық тапсырма

Берілген сөйлемдерді инфинитивтің қолданудың ерекшеліктеріне назар аудара отырып, қазақ тіліне аударыңыз:

  1. At eighty Dane entered the office to find corporal Kemp asleep at his desk and a tired-looking kid sat waiting. (J. Steinbeck, East ofEden)
  2. TheSalinasriver tore the edges of the farm lands and washed whole acres down; it toppled barns and houses into itself, to go floating and bobbing away. (Ibid)
  3. Again and again I glanced round swiftly, with the conviction that I was about to see something, but only to meet the dark tangle of our hedge or the solemn and cavernous gloom of the great trees which arched above our heads. (A. Conan Doyle, The Lost World)
  4. But Skelton did not die. He woke next morning to find himself in a room, in bed and under the mosquito-net. (S.W. Maugham, Flotsam and Jetsam)
  5. Each time the door opened Martin looked round, only to see the Mounteneyes enter, then the Puchweins. ( C.P. Snow, The New Men)
  6. So Mr. Lammas dozed uneasily and woke up to find the mail halted at an inn for a change of horse.(J. Buchan, The Free Fishers)
  7. Rachmaninoff once sailed fromEnglandon the Berengaria. On boarding he noticed a horde of newspapermen and photographers. The aloof Rachmaninoff steeled himself against the inevitable only to see them to whiz right past him. Stunned, he wheeled around to discover that the quarry was Primo Carnera (the famous footballer). (A. Chasins, The Van Cliburn Legend)
  8. You may be sure that when anyone mentions thePyreneeshe means the French Pyrenees, a tourist haunt for years. A range of mountains drops steeply to the plains. Beautiful streams descend though their valleys to swell the fair rivers ofFrance. (The National Geographic Magazine)
  9. The wind howled around the cornices and fought its way through the narrow openings in the windows to billow the lace curtains of Mason’s apartment. (E. Gardner, The Case of the Baited Hook)
  10. Mason fought off the heavy lethargy of the deep sleep which comes during the first part of the night, to grope for the ringing telephone.
  11. California’s Right Wing started a new witch-hunt. The state officials sacked Miss Angela Davis, a Communist Negro philosophy lecturer- only to be faced with a massive movement in her support throughout the state. ( M. S., 1970)
  12. The light died down to leave the room darker than before. (C. Dane, The Babyons)
  13. Britain’s overseas trade moved out of the red in August to hit a surplus of £ 40 million, the Board of Trade announced yesterday.( M. S., 1969)
  14. The door swung back to reveal a bright room tastefully furnished. ( R. Pixe, Mute Witness)
  15. He had put a carefully prepared tray of toast, biscuits, and hot milk on his wife’s bed, only to have her move clumsily and upset the milk. ( D.Eden. Listen to Danger)
  16. Winter has truly set in. Long, heavy icicles hang from the eaves and glint in the feeble rays of the low sun. During the day they drip to form treacherous ice patches on the pavements and at night their points harden to nails. ( M. S., 1969)
  17. 17.           I must have slept for about hours when I was again aroused, and forcibly by someone tugging at my arm. I opened my eyes to find light full on sister’s Peek at my bedside with a stricken face. ( A. J. Cronin, Shannon’s Way)



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