Nominative with the infinitive айналымы немесе инфинитивтің екінші баяндауыш ретінде қолданылуы


Туынды етістіктің эпитеті ретіндегі инфинитив көп қолданылмайды. Туынды етістік әрқашанда тіркес болып келеді. Ол әдетте ырықсыз етістегі баяндауыш етістіктен және етістіктің кей мағынасын білдіретін инфинитив немесе есімше формасынан тұрады. Бұл әдетте физикалық қабылдау, ой және сөйлеу белсенділігін білдіретін етістіктер және де каузативті етістіктер болып келеді. Бұл айналым өзінің ықшамдылығының арқасында және де келтірілген мәлімет үшін жауапқа тартылу мүмкіндігінің арқасында газетті публицистикалық стильде кеңінен таралған. Мысалы: Over a hundred people are believed to have been drawned during the rescued flood in Pakistan – Пакистанда жақында болған су тасқынынан жүзден аса адам көз жұмды деген мәлімет таралды.

Туынды етістіктің бірінші элементі ағылшын тілінің to be етістігі кейде анықтауыш айналым барысында түсіп қалады. Мысалы: The boy believed to have been kidnapped came home after missing for two days – Ұрланды деп есептелген бала екі күннен кейін үйіне оралды.

Практикалық тапсырма

Берілген сөйлемдерді инфинитивтің қолданудың ерекшеліктеріне назар аудара отырып, қазақ тіліне аударыңыз:

1. Quake Toll

The final death toll from Monday’s Peruvian earthquake is expected to be 150Between 10000 and 20,000 are homeless (M. S., 1969)

2. Lloyd Patterson was an American Negro who, in 1932, finished college but
couldn’t find a job. By sheer chance he happened to read a newspaper advertisement saying a Negro youth was needed for film-shooting in theUSSR. So Lloyd came to theSoviet Union. There he first became an actor, and then, learning Russian, worked as a jour­nalist. (P. W., 1970)

3. Eleven Die inZagrebFloods

Eleven people are known to have died and tens of thou­sands are homeless after floods which struck Zagreb, Yugoslavia’s second biggest city, on Monday. Water from the swollen River Sava which swamped the city and surrounding country is gradually receding. But more dead are feared to be lying submerged in their flooded homes. (M. S., 1968)

4. Six members of a fanatical religious sect accused inZurich’s «witchcraft trial» of flogging a teenage girl so savagely that she died, are expected to hear the jury’s verdict this week (M. S., 1967)

5. Geneva, Thursday.  Britain’s Budget measures were believed under scrutiny here today by a European Free Trade Association (EFTA) working party investigating British economic difficulties. A high British Treasury official is understood to have brought the Budget de­tails with him when he arrived here by air today to take part in the meeting, accompanied by a Board of Trade official.

6. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization was said to be concerned that many countries had been turning to bread where it had not previously figured in their diet.

Wheat had to be mostly imported and there was felt to be a need for bread from local substitutes. (M S 1970)

7. Every mother knows how important it is for her child­ren to make a good start at school. If they settle in hap­pily in the first year, problems are far less likely to crop up. (M. S., 1970)

8. ASix-Foot Wave HitsHawaii

A six-foot tidal wave, thought to have been triggered off by the Chilean earthquake, struckHawaiiearly yesterday. At least 6 people were known to have lost their lives there and it was feared the death toll was much higher. Many people were reported injured. Waves were reported still sweeping in. Devastation was said to be greater than in 1946, when a wave caused a heavy death toll. (D. W., 1965)

9. Aletter signed by 25 Greek publishers and journalists living outsideGreecehas been handed in at the US Embassy inLondon. The letter is taken to refer to the American government’s decision to resume heavy arms supplies toGreece. (M. S., 1970)

10. The lunar highlands are believed to date back almost to the moon’s formation about 4,000 million years ago. (M. N., 1970)



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