The Environment: Problems and Solutions


Should anyone attempt a brief characterization of the present-day environment problems, he would find it beyond the competence of an individual scientist. For the environmental situation has long become a subject of separate and joint research efforts of biologists, chemists, and biochemists who have to combine their knowledge with the information supplied by students of geology, psychology and philosophy hurriedly joining in. Yet, if stated briefly, one of the causes of the present day environmental situation should be sought in the lack of a balanced development of particular fields of knowledge, and of an adequate picture of the intricately operating whole which is our planet. The rapid and evergrowing advances in certain highly specialized fields have brought mankind far ahead of general fundamental knowledge of the long-range effect of some technological developments, spectacular though they may appear, especially of their interplay and interdependence. It is a man’s intervention in nature that has singled him out from the rest of the animal world since his early days. It is this very intervention that has landed him nowadays in this particular applied fields being faster than that in our fundamental knowledge of the general operation of the Earth. It is precisely this discrepancy between the two rates which seems to be at the root of most of today’s problems. This is by no means an exhaustive explanation, ignoring as it does, the social factor.



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